Gretchen Baer For painter Gretchen Baer art is everywhere. From in the gallery, theatre productions and her studio, to what she drives, where she lives and, even what she sails -- everything becomes the canvas for her own fantastical mythology. Trained as a painter at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, she challenged traditional technique with the use of found objects and applied textures. While secretly living in the school's massive cellar system, Gretchen and her friends transformed their environment into a mythical underground kingdom. Four years later she emerged with a BFA and a bad glitter habit. After seeing Harrod Blank's movie "Wild Wheels" Gretchen plunged into the world of art cars. Creating "the Funk Ambulance" and "the Fortune-Telling Lion" (among others), these publicly accessible mobile sculptures became a refreshing progression for Gretchen's obsession with expression. Having grown up on the Island of Martha's Vineyard, the natural next step was to move her art into the water. While traveling aboard her first art boat "the Dolphin's Iris" Gretchen met the Floating Neutrinos. In association with this eccentric family of raft builders and adventurers (best know from the PBS documentary of their Trans-Atlantic voyage), she and her partner build "the Dragonfly's Banquet. For two years this thirty-two foot dragon raft became her floating home in the waters off Massachusetts and New York. In addition to creating these public art spectacles, Gretchen has continued to produce paintings for galleries and private collections. She has shown in New York City, Martha's Vineyard, Boston, Tucson and Bisbee, Arizona. Her large commissioned pieces hang in private homes in Palm Beach, Key West, and New York. Gretchen now lives and paints in Bisbee, Arizona.
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